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Apex Cinema Gear

Apex Battery Backpack

Apex Battery Backpack

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The Apex Battery Backpack is a next level power solution for your on-set power needs! 100% custom-made right here in Los Angeles, this Backpack features a Ballistic Nylon and Aluminum construction, with a high-performance power distribution box to power any camera + accessories you throw at it! A solid aluminum plate is mounted on the backpack and comes equipped with 2 Core SWX Micro Gold Mount Plates as well as the Power Distro Box, wired together by SJS Cables. This CNC milled Power Distro Box has many features, including:

- 12v & 24v hot swap
- Single-battery 24v up converting (only 1 battery is required to output 24v)
- 12v & 24v accessory power (2-pin 12v Lemo & 3-pin 24v Fischer Connectors)
- 12v & 24v camera power (3-pin XLR & 4-pin XLR Connectors) compatible with all block battery and camera power cables
- 12v & 24v voltage readout 

    This Backpack has many other comfort features, including: a removable hip-belt, an adjustable chest strap, and built-in cable management.

    The power possibilities are ENDLESS with this Backpack! Power a hungry 35mm film camera, a modern cinema camera in a light handheld setup, or a run-and-gun setup for Focus Pullers!

    This Backpack was designed to be a one-size-fits-most item and has been confirmed to fit a wide-range of body types and sizes - it weighs in at only 4lbs. unloaded. 
    Made out of 6061 aluminum and ballistic nylon.
    Made in Los Angeles, CA


    *Battery, Camera Power Cable, and Gold Mount Cheeseplate NOT included*
    “Used under the license of CORE SWX, LLC. U.S. Patent 10,630,095”

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