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Robert Luna

Luna Arm Post Spin Bearing

Luna Arm Post Spin Bearing

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The Robert Luna Arm Post Spin Bearing can be added to any 5/8" or 3/4" Steadicam arm post - it works with 5/8" arm posts for a PRO Arm and 3/4" arm posts for the G-70, G-70x, and Master Series Arm. This precision Spin Bearing allows for the post to spin freely and with less friction than with the stock arm post configuration. The bearing is reversible and features two different friction settings, depending on which face is making contact with the arm - the bearing also comes pre-lubed with Molly grease. 

To install, the user must put on the bearing on first, and then use the included clamp to hold the bearing in place on the arm post.

 *Arm posts are not included*

Made in Los Angeles, CA by Robert Luna

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