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Apex Cinema Gear

Battery Rack 1

Battery Rack 1

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The Apex Battery Rack 1 offers a wide array of features to modernize existing PRO Steadicam Sleds. A billet aluminum main assembly, precision ground rods, and thoughtfully engineered clamping system provide excellent stability for the Operator, as well as a greatly improved power management system, allow the Operator to focus more on the shots they are asked to perform, and less on the gear they are using! 

Compatible with the PRO 2, Cinema HD, and Cinelive systems, it attaches to existing Lower Junction Boxes with the 6 included screws. The Battery Rack 1 is a rod-based system - the rear battery plates can be adjusted with the flip of single cam lever, which makes for quick and easy balancing. The cam lever can be moved to either the left or the right side of the rear clamp to ensure that both the regular & goofy Operators can adjust it the way they prefer. 

The rods are ⅝”, so they are slightly larger than 15mm, which makes them incredibly strong but also lightweight. The wiring is routed internally inside of the rods, so you never have to worry about them being damaged or getting in the way. The rods have a built-in stainless steel safety stop as well to prevent over-extension.

The Battery Rack weighs in at roughly 2.5lbs (1.1kg) which puts it right in the middle of the PRO Gen 3 and Gen 4 Battery Racks. The built-in 3rd battery mount is situated directly underneath the center post when using Cinelive Electronics, however, the older PRO Electronics have the 3rd battery sitting slightly towards the monitor side.

Battery Plates + Power Distribution

All 3 battery plates can be oriented either towards the left or right side of the Battery Rack 1, whichever the Operator prefers. The 3 battery plates are also user-swappable in less than a minute because they are all terminated with quick-release connectors! Switch between Gold Mount and V-Mount by simply removing the four screws and plugging in the connector. (24V battery plate options like Core Helix, Anton Bauer 26V, B-Mount, & TB50/51 will be available later this year)

Included with the Apex Battery Rack is our custom made 4:1 Smart Jumper Block which connects the Battery Rack 1 to your PRO Lower Electronics Box. No need to carry multiple Jumper Blocks ever again! This "plug and play" Jumper Block combines all 3 PRO Jumper Blocks and the aftermarket all-12V Block into one single Jumper Block! It houses a custom circuit board which can sense the battery locations and route power to where you need it, completely automatically. If you have 2 batteries on the rig, you will always have 24V available, regardless of which position the batteries are in. Your camera, monitor & accessories will always get 12V with 1 battery in any position. The Jumper Block also houses ideal diodes, which improve run times significantly to make sure you are getting the most out of your batteries! Reverse polarity protection and other smart futures make sure everything just works so you can focus on operating! Designed, fabricated, and hand assembled here in the U.S.A.


If you want a completely coplanar monitor and battery configuration, the Apex Monitor Yoke can be mounted to the front of the main assembly with two captive screws. Additionally, an array of snap on rod clamps will be coming out at the end of 2024 which can be used to add accessories like recorder mounts, transmitters, gyros, and cheese plates.

In the Box

The Apex Battery Rack 1 comes in with either Anton Bauer Gold Mount or Core SWX V-Mount Plates installed, as well as a Smart 4:1 Jumper Block. Also included are extra screws and a phillips #1 screwdriver for easy installation and maintenance. 


CNC Machined out of 6061 aluminum and hard anodized black. 

Made in Los Angeles, CA


“Used under the license of CORE SWX, LLC. U.S. Patent 10,630,095”

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