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Apex Cinema Gear

Monitor Yoke

Monitor Yoke

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Overview + Features

The Apex Monitor Yoke is a lightweight, ultra-rigid, quick adjust, and truly coplanar monitor yoke that allows the Operator to tilt their monitor to any angle without affecting the balance of their sled! It weighs in at just under 1lb. (0.45kg) and offers 7"(18cm) of fore/aft adjustability along its precision ground ⅝” rods. 

It has a quick release dovetail system for a fast low mode changeover or to remove the monitor for casing. The dovetail clamp easily pops on and finds the center with the help of a hidden magnet and tightens with the turn of a Kipp Knob. The stainless steel rod safety stops attach to the ends of the rods to prevent over-extension and are easily removable should the Operator need to remove the Yoke from the Battery Rack at any time.

The Apex Monitor Yoke comes with the Monitor Rod Clamp, which can be screwed on to the Battery Rack 1 using its two captive screws for a truly coplanar setup. A post clamp will be available late Summer 2024 and be compatible with all of the post diameters on the market.

An accessory snap on rod clamp will be released soon to allow the addition of return monitors and other cheeseplates or accessories the operator may need.

Final shipped version will include laser markings on both the rods and articulating rod clamp to allow the Operator to make quick specific adjustments to the location of their monitor.


The Monitor Yoke is currently compatible with the following monitors:

  • Transvideo 6" X-SBL
  • Transvideo 8" X-SBL
  • Small HD 703 (includes Possum Solutions Yoke Bracket)
  • Small HD Ultra7 (includes Possum Solutions Yoke Bracket)
  • Smart Systems SM7-Pro

Spacers machined out of Delrin as well as hardware will be included with each Monitor Yoke for the monitor selected above.

We will continue to add additional options for all monitors on the market. If you'd like to use a monitor that is not listed here, please send us an email at and we'd be more than happy to accommodate.


CNC Machined out of 6061 aluminum and hard anodized black. 

Made in Los Angeles, CA

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